Saturday, December 22, 2007

DragonFUZE #1

A new era dawns! Welcome to DragonFUZE comics, my name is Jason - you know who I am. My journey in our world has been confused by forces who just don't understand that with great power comes great creativity. So, I am fighting back and the battle begins now.

From today DragonFUZE Comics is my new home on the web. This time, it's different; no real world, no job, no wife and kid. This time it's 100% comics (and a bit of pop culture)!

As announced on the Rob Liefeld forum I am working with Marat Mychaels and John Metych on Blindside #0 from Beta 3 Comics. I own two pages for this book and my first draft of the script is already in. We will be re-working the script and I will be co-writing this with John; it's going to be awesome! The #0 issue leads into a crossover between Marat's Blindside character (a Daredevil type who backs up his acrobatics and hand-to-hand fighting with attitude and, most importantly, guns!) and John's indy superstars Sniper and Rook.

Besides Blindside, I am also working on an action/ horror book which is my homage to the Underworld and Blade films, so things are hectic this holiday season!

That just about wraps this debut post. Keep checking in as I chart the progress of my comic book work and my general journey through the awesome worlds of comics and pop culture!



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