Monday, March 24, 2008

DragonFUZE #10

I'm back! I have written a bunch of pages for my horror comic in the last few days, ripping through some of the historical scenes which set the stage for the events that take place in Europe circa 2008. I'm playing with history here and I find it really interesting, and scary. I am currently writing scenes that feature Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and a fictional Nazi character called Doktor Wirth Hexmark. I am essentially writing about two of the most terrifying characters in history, detailing their (fictional) final and desperate tactics as they seek to secure victory, or at least an armistice, in the dying days of World War II.

Trying to get accurate dialogue with real, historical figures in an unreal and fictional environment is not easy, without worrying about the fact that you are writing about men who were responsible for killing members of your own family; it's unsettling. Which, in a twisted way, is appropriate as I am writing a horror/ action book.

I still haven't properly introduced the title character and I am 10 or so pages into the script. I only have 24 odd pages to play with in the first issue, so I plan on getting to him soon! Most of the World War II stuff will be done by the time I finish the scene I am currently writing, hopefully leaving me with about 10 or so pages of story set in the present day.

I plan my scripts really loosely. When I plot, I don't stipulate what has to happen on which page; I prefer for my stories to develop and grow organically. There is plenty of risk in this strategy, but also the potential for reward. I hope I can keep this pace up (I just had a feeling of dejavu, I am sure I have typed that line before!), I look forward to finishing the script for #1 soon and then ... I leap into #2.



Blogger Crazz said...

Doing research to the extent that you're doing for this project is a fascinating reward in and of itself. I tend to prefer to do a heavy amount of research and prep work prior to beginning a story, which leaves me both exceptionally motivated and sometimes extremely tired.

I will get around to the script you sent me, but keep up the good work, I'm excited for you!!

Sun Mar 30, 07:49:00 PM  
Blogger dragonfuze said...

Thanks buddy. I am definitely tired, from a whole range of things in life and it is causing this book to drag...

I did some reading online today about Hitler - it is damn scary how many people support and praise that murderous, racist psychopath.

Thanks for the support on the script; this book is very different to anything I have ever written before, so I hope this project makes it out there.

Sun Mar 30, 08:46:00 PM  

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