Sunday, January 27, 2008

PopFUZE #16

Late last year my LCS, Alternate Worlds, had a sale and I picked up a number of TPBs. E.V.E Protomecha was one book that I could not pass up. All I could see was the cover, but I was immediately drawn to the design of the main character, E.V.E, as drawn by the awesome Ale Garza. Garza's art throughout, particularly when he is drawing mecha or tech, is absolutely awesome. The story by Aron Lusen and Christian Lichtner clearly references pop culture, particularly Star Wars, but has plenty of timeless themes.

I wasn't expecting much from this book (luckily I bought it for $10), but I really enjoyed it! There was some characterization, cool action and visuals and I loved the story between E.V.E and her father. Oddly, a number of the themes in this book are similar to ones I have been exploring in a fantasy/ mecha story of my own ...

Lastly, the color on this thing is awesome; top marks to Liquid!



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