Saturday, April 12, 2008

SonicFUZE #4

Sin City pop legends EMF have recruited a new guitarist and are working on their first new songs for 13 years.

Well, the new guitarist thing isn't entirely accurate (click the title of the post to read the article for the detail), but the "working on their first new songs for 13 years" is! (Sort of - see below)

I am in a sonic fit! I am so excited, this is the news I have waited ... well ... 13 years for! Actually, it hasn't been that long. The band recorded two new tracks on their best of, The Best Of EMF - Epsom Mad Funkers, which was released in 2001. So, really it has only been seven years since they last recorded new material. However, their final album was Cha Cha Cha and then they recorded the Afro King EP in 1995, so that's where you get the 13 years from ...

Wow, new EMF songs! WOW! There are few things that I struggle to put into words, but the importance of EMF in my life is one of those. I listen to their second album, 1992's Stigma, at least 10 times per week; I am addicted to that album! Every piece of EMF music I could get my hands on is in my CD collection. Sadly, there are some rare tracks that I have never heard, but I own every one of their major releases.

Somehow, EMF's music defines me in a way that no other music does. Their return to the world of music excites me even more than, say, the return of Indiana Jones to the silver screen.

Long live the new flesh!



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