Wednesday, May 21, 2008

PopART #1

As much as I am obsessed with the idea and challenge of getting the perfect story onto the page, I am equally consumed by the awe inspiring talents of those people who have the skill to capture an image from their mind and faithfully render it on paper or screen in the form of comic book art.

There are many artists whose work I love, and I feel that my taste is quite diverse ranging from Rob Liefeld to Mark Bagley to Mike Wieringo to Ryan Ottley to Joe Madureira to Ed McGuiness to Stephen Platt to Jason Martin to David Finch to Michael Kassinger to Brian Denham to Marc Silvestri to Jason Metcalf to Alex Ross to Michael Turner to Marat Mychaels to Cory Walker to Brandon Peterson to Jack Kirby to Pia Guerra...

So, I present my latest piece of inspiration:

Keron Grant is just amazing. I have loved his work since I was first introduced to it in the second volume of Kaboom! which was published by Liefeld's Awesome Entertainment. Keron also worked on another book for Rob, called Century, but sadly that was never released.

What I love most about Keron's work is his Eastern-influenced design sense. His work is unique and has a very 'liquid' feel; sorry I can't really articulate that any better. The pic above is one of the most beautiful images of the Amazonian Goddess that I have ever seen. At once, Wonder Woman appears strong, iconic and awe inspiring. I could stare at this pic for hours... You can visit Keron's website by clicking on the title of this post. While you are there, check out the amazing design sense showcased in some of his mecha-styled pieces.

From time to time I will post other pics that spark my imagination.



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