Monday, May 5, 2008

DragonFUZE #15

I have also been invited to pitch a story that will hopefully appear in a horror anthology from Arcana Comics. The anthology is called Velvet Rope and the story I am writing is called Scratch. The story is all about nightmares and how subconscious fear can literally consume someone. Jacob Bear is on the art duties for this one.

So, yeah, another happy-happy-joy-joy book from Jason's twisted mind! As I said earlier, my writing is heading to some dark places lately, but I definitely feel as though I am pushing myself to grow as a writer and that is a good thing.

At the moment, I have two anthology stories and a 3 issue book on my plate. The anthology stories are the priority. I find it really enjoyable and rewarding to be part of something that is put together by so many fantastic creators. I love the synergy that comes from working with an artist, and the anticipation of seeing how my story, and the other tales come together.

Stay tuned to DragonFUZE Comics for more updates soon!

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