Thursday, May 15, 2008

PopFUZE #24

The first time I saw Rob Liefeld's work was on the cover of Fighting American #1. I didn't know anything about Rob and I didn't know anything about the character. I took a look at the book and I instantly loved it - Rob's style back then was really frenetic and charged with energy and featured scratchy boiling lines all over the place.

I took the book to the counter and the store owner of Comics ‘R’ Us in Melbourne, his name is Matt, launched into a half hour tirade about how evil this guy Rob Liefeld was; how Rob ripped off Teen Titans when he did Youngblood and how he was ripping off Captain America to do Fighting American...

Now, I had never heard of Rob Liefeld. But stupidly, and rather than thinking for myself, I let Matt get to me and I put the book back on the shelf. A few weeks later, I saw Fighting American #2 on the shelf in the same store - I bought it, but they had already sold out of #1. It took me more than a year to find it!

The next time I saw Rob's work was on the awesome cover for the Extreme Sacrifice TPB.

I saw it in the same store and nothing the owner said could dissuade me from buying the book. Rob's work in Extreme Sacrifice is second only to Re:Gex in my mind as his greatest art. Extreme Sacrifice remains my favourite comics cross over.

I have been a diehard Liefeld fan ever since - it's been a bit more than 10 years now! In that time I have picked up heaps of Image/ Extreme/ Maximum back issues including whole runs on Youngblood, Team Youngblood and Brigade. Of course, I followed all of the books at Awesome Entertainment; I just wish the potential that was held in that company could have been unleashed!

These days I follow Rob’s work wherever I can get it. While I have enjoyed his X-Force and Teen Titans stuff, my preference has always been for Rob working on his own titles. I can’t wait to read The Assembled (which I hope comes out through Image). I rush to my LCS to pick up the new Youngblood; the book is pretty good, but my fix comes from the Liefeld covers.

The biggest geek thrill that I have had in my life, a geekhgasm if you like, was meeting Rob at Wizard World LA in 2004 where I got a sketch of his Beowulf character from the book Re:Gex.

Me and Rob



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