Monday, December 22, 2008

DragonFUZE #29

My DragonFUZE Comics blog turns one year old today! Usually this would call for a celebration and a reflection back on achievements over the last year, only I don't feel that I made much progress at all on the creative front in 2008. I am not going to list the projects that were rejected on submission, fell by the wayside, or got derailed by other priorities, but there were some in all of those categories and I feel disappointed about that...

I largely view this year as one of creatively treading water when I had hoped 2008 would be the breakout year for my writing, creations and DragonFUZE Comics as an entity/ brand. This has been a very busy year at home and at work and all of the reasons as to why DragonFUZE Comics hasn't yet taken off are good ones.

As is often the case with me, I tend to bite off more than I can chew and 2008 was no exception. At one stage, I was working on HellGrunt, I Hate You, Scratch and Tikki's Giant while helping out others with some of their projects too. As I have written in past online columns and past blog posts; IT'S TOO MUCH! I may have written those words, but I clearly haven't learned those lessons; until now.

I will be away over the new year holiday period, so now is as good a time as any to dish out the Annual DragonFUZE Comics Thank G-d For You And All You Did To Support My Mad Schemes This Year Awards! And the winners are:

Brant Fowler
I don't really know how I could even contemplate my creative and life journey without this guy in the picture. Sounds sappy and all Hallmark-Card-like, but it's the truth. Brant has been a real support to me over the years that I have known him and I greatly appreciate that. He inspires me in many ways, but mostly through keeping his head up no matter what life throws at him and through his dedication to his work in comics. I suggest you check out my favourite comic of the year, Wannabez at the book's official website. Together, Brant, Scott D.M. Simmons and Ross Hughes have created a fun, light hearted and wholly original comic that is my favourite superhero tale of 2008.

Chuck Kennedy
Chuck is the most inspiring father I know; he had an 'instant' family of triplets some time ago and since then he has been faced with what I have faced over the last year, only multiplied by a factor of three! On top of that, Chuck finds the time to be creative, to offer me advice on life and my own creative path and to generally be a great friend! Chuck is also one of the most honest and straight forward people that I know, and that is a trait I really admire. I value his input which makes my stories better than they should be. Thanks also for the small ways in which you have contributed to helping me be a better Papa.

Cary Kelley
While I am always the man with the plan, Cary is the guy who puts the plan into action! He is the Action Man of our group and is now a self-publishing comic book creator. Fallen Justice is a unique super hero book, but only one aspect of Cary's creativity. Mate, you are also the adventurer I never had the chance to be. I know life has thrown you plenty of curve balls, I admire the way you take it all in your stride, allowing very little to knock you off course. I really value Cary's insights into creativity and story telling which have made me a better writer.

Andrew Law
Of everyone I am naming specifically in this post, Andrew is the guy I have known the least amount of time, but he is also the key to making things happen for me in 2009; we have agreed to work together on a Tikki comic that I will be writing over the new year break. Andrew is also a dedicated family guy, while being an insanely talented artist. I am really looking forward to working with you in 2009 and I am very honored that you would lend your skills to my creations. To get a sense of what some of our work might look like, here is a pin up that Andrew drew last year featuring my characters Tikki and Malinki:

That about wraps it for a look back at DragonFUZE Comics Year One. I hope to bring you more exciting news and definite progress with my projects in 2009. Over the next year I will be working on two Tikki comic book stories: Tikki's Giant and Tikki's Mirror, as well as planning out my new novel Enshae: Phayrie Seekers, which you can read all about here: DragonFUZE Creative.

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Blogger Brant W. Fowler said...

Thanks, Jason, and I hope you're enjoying your holiday getaway, bro. I'll be doing my year end post probably on New Years Eve Day and I'll definitely return the compliments.

Here's hoping you have a great 2009 in your personal, professional and creative life!

Sun Dec 28, 02:26:00 AM  

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