Thursday, December 25, 2008

PopFUZE #49

Here is an awesome page by Marat Mychaels that will feature in a new Rob Liefeld/ Extreme Studios event launching from Image in April, the series is called SMASH! EXTREME! and will feature spin off/ crossover titles with other Liefeld concepts including Youngblood, Brigade, Supreme and Prophet. Rob's pencils (which you can see if you click the title of this post) are furiously cool.

WOO HOO! This is going to be unreal, I am particularly looking forward to seeing Marat Mychaels back on Brigade; he was the first non-Image founder to ever pencil a book for Image and that book was Brigade! Marat's lines are always so clean and his action moves like mercury across the page.

Click the title of the post to see more preview pics from Rob and Marat.

2009 To The Extreme!



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