Saturday, February 21, 2009

DragonFUZE #40

I got a little more work done on my Tikki's Giant script today, but only finished 2 pages before our son woke up from his morning nap and then the rest of the day was a creative write-off, which is all OK. I'm still hopeful I can finish this script in February; I have 7 pages to do in 7 days. I know that it is an arbitrary time line, but this really is the first time I have worked to a self-imposed date on my own work, so if I get there then that is a good thing indeed.

I am still uncertain about things post finishing the script for Tikki's Giant. I know that I don't want to write another Tikki story straight away, but I am not sure what I will write next. Once I decide, you will read about it right here!

By the way, I have recently begun to use a tracking/ statistics service for this blog and it seems that my readership is low, but building. I have often wondered how many people read my blog, and now I am getting a better idea. I do get more hits when I am talking about pop culture (my highest number of hits/ readers seems to coincide with me writing about Rhona Mirta) as compared to my own creative work. That's interesting, but not surprising. Hey, even I would prefer to read about Rhona Mirta than about myself (looks like the hits will go up again, I mentioned her twice in this very post!).

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