Monday, February 2, 2009

DragonFUZE #35

I am three pages in to the script for Tikki's Giant #2, just working on a little warm up act before the main game kicks off with knights vs giants, with two wizards and a phayrie thrown into the mix for a bit of fun! I am having fun on this story, even though getting started on a new script feels daunting, I am hoping I can rush through quite a bit of the script this week, seeing as how I have this week off work.

Another inspiration for getting this book done is the two other projects that are waiting patiently for me to ease tapping the keys on a story about phayries and giants; the first is my novel Enshae: Phayrie Seekers, which I aim to have planned out by the end of the year and the second is an idea for a comic book series that came to me just the other day; I am itching to write this one!

But, this year the strategy is slow and steady wins the race and I am taking things one project at a time, having learned my lesson from previous years when I juggled multiple projects at a time and got nowhere fast on any of them. I am so excited about my superhero idea that it is giving me an extra incentive to put Tikki's Giant in the bag.

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