Saturday, December 29, 2007

PopFUZE #6

I really like Will Smith, he's a great actor, he makes me laugh, he kicks alien butt; what's not to like? However, I have always wanted to see him play a superhero. Smith has been attached to a long dormant Rob Liefeld movie property for more than a decade (he was supposed to make the film after he shot Wild Wild West which came out in 1999) and that was going to be his first silver screen appearance as a super hero, but now we have Hancock.

I know nothing about this movie, but I found the trailer (which you can see by clicking the title of this post) after using Stumble Upon this morning. The trailer goes for less than a minute, but I was already laughing. Superheroes, great FX shots and belly laughs; Hancock looks like it is going to be awesome!

I still want to see Smith in a Liefeld-helmed super movie...



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