Friday, April 18, 2008

PopFUZE #22

I just found this pic on line, it's from The Ultimates 3 #5. I don't even know if this issue is out yet, but I love this pic. Wow, Madureira is kicking it on this book (from what I have seen of it anyway). I wanted to pick this up from day one, but now that I am a TPB/ HC guy only, this won't be on my bookshelf until it is collected.

To be honest, I am not that excited about The Ultimates without Millar/ Hitch. I have a lot of respect for Jeph Loeb, he is an awesome writer, but I feel he is inconsistent; look at Onslaught Reborn. I bought that book solely for Rob Liefeld's art; the story was poorly executed. I want The Ultimates for Madureira and Madureira only.

Call me mad ... I dare ya!



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