Monday, January 21, 2008

DragonFUZE #6

This weekend was really busy with family committments, but I also managed to do a little more work on my action/ horror book. The plot for #1 is done and dusted, but I am still struggling with the leap from #1 to #2. With only two issues to play with, I am trying to leave a gap in the story between #1 and #2 that the readers will learn about only through a few captions and other brief mentions.

I like the idea of the readers not wholly knowing what went on, and it suits because during the gap, one of the characters will spend some time outside of time/ space; so that kind of fits. I won't know if it works until the actual comic is out there, but for now this seems to be the best approach.

A huge shout out to my friend Brant who is working on the logo for the book. He sent me some initial designs over the past few days and I am really happy with where we are going with that. I may even give you a sneak peek once the logo is finalised!



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