Monday, January 14, 2008

SonicFUZE #3

1973; unbelievably that is the year when the seminal album The Dark Side Of The Moon was released. Right here, right now, 35 years later I am listening to this for the first time in my life! Of course, I have listened to Pink Floyd before, I own their best of p.u.l.s.e.. However, this is something different; The Dark Side Of The Moon is widely regarded as one of the most brilliant albums of all time.

I must agree. When you listen to this album, the lush soundscape sounds as if it were created today and not in the mid 1970s! I am sure that there were no computers involved in the creation of this musical masterpiece.

Even though I have never been a mad fan, Pink Floyd have always been a band that has mesmirized me; the lightshows at their concerts, the forward thinking innovation of their craftsmanship, the enduring appeal of thier work; there is so much to admire on the dark side of the moon:



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