Thursday, June 19, 2008

PopFUZE #27

If you click the title of this post you can head to the Comics Continuum site where they have the details for Image Comics' solicitations for the month of September. In just a few months time Rob Liefeld's long dormant book Youngblood: Bloodsport gets recusitated with an all-new-jammed-with-bonus-features director's cut of #1 being released and FINALLY we get to see issue #2. Here's hoping that issue #3 (which I think is the final part of the story) will be solicited for an October release...

The image above is Rob's killer cover for the re-release of #1. I can't wait to see the all-new art in future issues as Mark Millar's script descends ever deeper into depravity, debauchery and super hero mayhem!



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