Tuesday, July 1, 2008

PopFUZE #30

Here is an amazing digitally painted page from a new Rob Liefeld project called Extreme Forces. There was another project by that name which was solicited around 2000, but I think that morphed into X-Force Volume 2, because the villain was also called Skornn and that character appeared in X-Force. But, I digress.

This new book looks, um, explosive! Now, I am a keen Liefeld fan, and a fan of Marat Mychaels whose art is featured here, and I think this new digital painting vibe that Rob is going with for his art, and now for Marat's, looks awesome. But... I am a little worried. Two new series have been announced, Assembled and now Extreme Forces... I hope they are both completed. Rob also posted revised designs for the New Men on his forum; I think these characters are appearing in Extreme Forces rather than in another new book.

I also wonder if both of these projects herald the re-launch of the Extreme Universe over at Image? That would be very cool, but...

With Rob's last major publishing venture, Awesome Entertainment, there were many great looking projects that were never completed or solicited and never published. I am a bit concerned that Rob now seems to be looking at four series when he is years behind on Youngblood: Bloodsport and months behind on the re-colored, re-scripted HC of the original Youngblood mini series.



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