Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DragonFUZE #43 or THE END

This is the final post I will be making to the DragonFUZE Comics blog; from today onwards this blog will enter cryogenic stasis from which it may or may not awaken. I have truly enjoyed blogging over the last few years, but the reality is that I have been focsed on blogging about comics, rather than on creating comics. My passion really lies in making something happen with DragonFUZE Comics and getting stories like Tikki's Giant and The Next Scion out into the world. As such an era is ending...

You can keep up to date with DragonFUZE Comics projects at the new website hosted on Wordpress.


Monday, March 2, 2009

DragonFUZE #42

Click the title of this post to visit the new home of DragonFUZE Comics on the internet. This blog may be coming to its end, we'll see.


PopFUZE #57

Click the title of the post to read an interview with Cary Kelley, my good mate and writer/ co-creator of indy comic Fallen Justice.


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