Saturday, June 28, 2008

PopFUZE #29

Michael Turner passed away today. He was 37 years old. This news is so sad. I met Michael at the preview night for Wizard World LA in 2004. He was a gentleman, so good to all the fans that were waiting patiently in line. When the Wizard staff declared the show was over for the night and we all had to leave, Michael declared that the Aspen crew would stay until everyone in line got the sketch/ signature they were waiting for. I got to speak to him for less than a minute, but he seemed genuinely excited that a fan had come all the way from Australia to meet him.


Friday, June 20, 2008

PopFUZE #28

More news today about Youngblood: Bloodsport. Click the title of this post to read Rob Liefeld's latest comments about the series on Comic Book Resources.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

PopFUZE #27

If you click the title of this post you can head to the Comics Continuum site where they have the details for Image Comics' solicitations for the month of September. In just a few months time Rob Liefeld's long dormant book Youngblood: Bloodsport gets recusitated with an all-new-jammed-with-bonus-features director's cut of #1 being released and FINALLY we get to see issue #2. Here's hoping that issue #3 (which I think is the final part of the story) will be solicited for an October release...

The image above is Rob's killer cover for the re-release of #1. I can't wait to see the all-new art in future issues as Mark Millar's script descends ever deeper into depravity, debauchery and super hero mayhem!


Thursday, June 5, 2008

PopFUZE #26

Here is Rob Liefeld's cover for Youngblood: Bloodsport #2. WOO HOO! This looks awesome, and I love the coloring by Matt Yackey. Did I mention it's an awesome cover by Rob? Two things annoy me about this cover though; why are Badrock's eyes red? and Why has it taken 5 years for issue #2 to come out?

I love, Love, LOVE Rob's work. Too many people diss him, I believe Rob is a titan of the industry, a pioneer and a highly enthusiastic and energetic creator. But, I also think that Rob lets himself down. This is a real shame because Youngblood could be king again. I really enjoy Rob's strategy of working with high profile writers (Joe Casey, Mark Millar, Alan Moore); this is the path to greatness for Rob's concepts. The books just need to come out.


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