Wednesday, July 2, 2008

DragonFUZE #23

I haven't written a single word of comic book script in more than one month!

Scary, but true. The last thing I wrote was the script for I Hate You. I do have some projects that I should be working on, namely a short horror story called Scratch and then there is my horror/ action book HellGrunt.

I have also been throwing around some ideas for a sequel story featuring Tikki and Malinki called Tikki's Giant. Lastly there is a fantasy story that I have been working on for years that features Tikki and Malinki and I keep thinking I should get back to that one...

For a person with so little time, it's crazy that I have four comic book projects on my plate, especially considering that none of them are progressing at all. Here's the current status of each project.

HellGrunt - character descriptions and plots fully written. About 15 pages of script for issue #1 are done. This project is 2 issues long.

Scratch - this is a 10 pager. All I have written is a short pitch. I should be able to knock this together in a few days, if I prioritise it and make the time available to do it.

Tikki's Giant - I envisage this as being a 22 page story, so it is more than double the length of the original Tikki tale. All I have for this is two lines of scribbled notes on a piece of paper, but most of the story is in my head... I just need to write this!

Mystery Fantasy Book - it breaks my heart that I haven't really progressed this project. I have been working on this for at least four years, if not longer. I have two of eight issues written, but I haven't worked on this for at least 2 years. This is the one story I want to tell the most. The reason I haven't progressed it lies largely in the reality that an unknown writer is not going to have much chance of getting an eight issue book picked up. So, I am focused on building up a body of work from smaller projects.

Hopefully I will be back soon with a more optimistic update and with some details on real progress on these projects!

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