Sunday, July 27, 2008

PopFUZE #33

So, one of the big news items from SDCC (the biggest?) was the announcement of Image United, a new series featuring the launch characters of most of the original Image founders (minus Jim Lee who is under contract to DC Comics) and a new character called Fortress, created by While Portacio. This is indeed the biggest comics news story for 2008! Image founders, some of whom haven't pencilled their creator-owned books for years, some of whom didn't talk to each other for years, coming together to draw a cross over.

But... this will be a cross over unlike any other. Robert Kirkman is writing the story and all of the founders are contributing art. But... someone will be doing layouts and the Rob Liefeld will draw his character in the panel, Marc Silverstri will draw his, Todd McFarlane will draw his, etc. WOW! This is going to be one of the most unique comics ever produced. Even though I am trying to stay away from floppies, I will definitely pick this up as each issue hits the spinner racks, but I can't wait for the HC!!

Kirkman must be nearly wetting his pants! He was recently named Image partner at SDCC and now he gets to write a cross over featuring the characters and the art of the artists who launched the Image revolution! As much as I love his writing, the coolest thing for me about Kirkman writing this book is that he is a huge fan of the original Image books; he will do this series justice (and it will probably be the best written story to feature the original Image characters).

No word yet on when the book will debut, but whenever it does make sure you grab a copy while you can! I hope each issue has a cover by each artist! You know I'll always be picking up the Liefeld variant.



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