Thursday, January 15, 2009

PopFUZE #50

The news straight from Rob Liefeld's keyboard:

I'm plotting/writing, drawing these pages as well as the new arc. You will love it.

It's a classic return to form for all involved, characters and creator. Issue #9 solicits and will ship in early May.

As of issue #9 Rampagin' Rob Liefeld is back on the mighty Youngblood! He is definitely drawing the book and it appears he could be writing it too. We get a preview glimpse with issue #8 (see the pic above) when Rob draws a back up story.

Rob's return has been heralded by a long running fan campaign and my voice has been one of many calling for the REAL Youngblood to return. I was as thrilled as the other fans when news broke that Rob was bringing the 'blood back to Image, but the news was tempered by the fact that Rob was only providing alternate covers for the book.

In my opinion, Youngblood has only ever really ROCKED when Rob has been involved in the book. Youngblood launched Image, it defined the excesses of 90s super hero team books, it cemented Liefeld's brash and bold style even more so than X-Force. If Rob coming back to Image was the biggest news story of 2007 and the re-launch of Youngblood at Image was the biggest news story of 2008, Rob's return to the book is the biggest news story of 2009!

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