Monday, January 19, 2009

DragonFUZE #32

The script for Tikki's Giant #1 is in the bag and has been shipped off to my editors. I sent the script off last night, comfortably meeting my self-imposed deadline of completing the script by the end of January. This week, time permitting, I will be straight into the script for #2 and I am confident I will have the whole series scripted by the end of February (which was my goal in the first instance). Feels so good to type that!

Now, I know that a completed script is a long way from a completed comic... So, on to step 2. The artist on the book is Andrew Law. Andrew is working on some concept sketches, which I hope to see by the end of this month or early February and then hopefully we can get into the pencils by the middle of that month. I have a letterer on board, but no inker or colorist so I will tackle that challenge once I get to it.

I want Tikki's Giant to run online and I will also do a short print run of the book, so I really want this series to appear in color. Given that I have virtually zero budget for this little enterprise I may have to forgo that and go with grey tones; we'll see what happens. Another option is for color online and grey tones in print.

The main thing is that, after years of talking, finally the wheels are moving on DragonFUZE Comics! Once Tikki's Giant is in the bag I am not sure where I want to go next. I need to give some time to my work on my novel Enshae: Phayrie Seekers which you can read all about at the DragonFUZE Creative blog, but I am also seriously tempted to write some superhero comics of my own. I have quite a few good ideas that have been percolating in my head for years and I do want to get them out.

Better that I don't take steps that are ahead of the game right now. The focus is still on getting both issues of Tikki's Giant out this year, and then working on the final Tikki stand-alone book. Well, the second part of that is negotiable; I can't decide whether to focus all of my energies on Tikki and Malinki this year, or whether I should broaden my work into the superhero genre.

Lots of thinking to be done... and writing too!

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Blogger Tyler James said...

Congrats on finishing your script, Jason! Hope the writing on the next issue is going smoothly as well.

Fri Jan 30, 03:58:00 AM  

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